I'm a photographer and a mom to two feisty little girls. I'm originally from the Lehigh Valley (just north of Philly,) but now I'm happy to call Watertown, MA home.

I discovered a love of photography (way too long ago) back in high school when I spent my summer documenting the antics of my little cousins. I studied photojournalism in college, and refined my kid-chasing skills with my new nephew and niece. After school I worked in newspapers for about 5 years before taking the leap into running my own wedding and family portrait business fulltime.

The births of my daughters has taught me so much about how to be a better photographer, but even more about the importance of photography. It's amazing how quickly these early years have flown by. I look at my teenage niece and nephews and I'm so thankful for the photos I have of them as whimsical little ones playing super-heroes and going on adventures in their back yard.

I love having the opportunity to preserve similar memories for my clients. I look forward to playing dress-up, stomping through the woods, blowing bubbles, smashing cake and documenting all the magical parts of childhood.